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Datakraf is a Super Solution Integrator; a technology provider that delivers expertise and services across the full spectrum of modern IT solutions & digitalization. We architect, manage, and execute a complex IT & digitalization initiative from start to finish; in the simplest way possible. Working with a super solution integrator helps organizations to transform disjointed software and hardware into a cohesive IT ecosystem and digital environment.

The pace of innovation is driving many organizations to work with a super solution integrator to adopt transformational technology, such as the internet of things, machine learning & IT Security. Super solution integrators are an ideal fit when the IT project involves unifying disparate hardware and software in a single architecture. By doing so, a super solution integrator will successfully bridge the gap between a company’s existing state and the latest technology innovations.

Our experience is more than 15 years in the IT industry with different environments from Oil & Gas, Energy, Government Sector, GLC & NGO helps our clients to deliver the right solution for their needs.

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